Is perfectionism on the job a blessing or a curse?

To Be or Not to Be … A Perfectionist: Do you lose all sense of time and place as you do and redo in an effort to create the perfect nail? Or do you regard good enough as good enough? Some nail techs view their perfectionism as a plus, whereas others find it a curse. We asked readers to weigh in.


The day you get over perfectionism as a nail technician, it’s time to retire!Nicki BlairProfiles, Fort Myers, Fla.

Perfectionism. I’ve been a nail tech for 16 years and I still don’t think I’ve gotten over it yet! I can sit there for hours doing nail art. I make sure everything is perfect. There are times when I surprise myself and get it perfect and there are times where I just can’t get it right. My clients are always rapt with my work and leave happy, but I’m not happy because I know I can do better than I did.Melanie MiltiMelz Nail D-Zine, Melbourne, Australia

 I’ve been a nail tech for nearly 12 years and I’m still never happy with my nails, even though they are extremely good. But that keeps me on my toes wanting to learn more and give my customers the ultimate service.Mandy KirkhamThe salon @ eye4beauty, Andover, U.K.

I’m always trying to do better work as a nail tech and that is bad and good. My perfectionism makes me do slow work and means less money on the nail table. But my clients love the perfectionism. They love my work and design as well. Ednice De JesúsEdnice Nail Artist, Patillas, Puerto Rico

 It’s all about time. How long will the client sit there while I fuss over something she’ll probably never notice? When you only have so much time available, you have to know what to focus on and what not to fuss about. You can’t always fix every little thing.Katherine EvansGaylord Palms, Kissimmee, Fla.

I’m a pure perfectionist, but I get quicker every set I do and that’s the way it should be. Nobody wants nails in 20 minutes if it’s not top scratch. People are happy to wait a little longer for the best, and I don’t want bad nails advertising my services.Rachael Elizabethvia Facebook

I am a perfectionist with a hint of OCD, as my clients point out to my when I’m shifting my files around in order all the time. However, doing the funky nail art I do, my perfectionistic nature got worse. When I started doing more “free art,” I had to train myself to allow my hand to move a little messy, as not all nail art is perfect and symmetrical.Rachel ShuttleworthBetty-Rose Beauty Boutique, Nelson, U.K.

Perfectionist is a requirement for great customer service and client retention. Kandie WinchesterDestiny Day Spa & Salon, Bossier City, La.

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